Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Reigniting your Motivation

Happy Tuesday!

I'm currently on the sofa, watching some youtube videos on the TV.

Since my last post, a lot has happened. Haha. While I can't go into too much detail, I'll give you a brief overview. Back in March I injured my neck and shoulder and it put me out of action for the bones of 10 weeks. I struggled big time with everything. My mental health was affected, and my physical health. I had just gotten back on track when another injury occurred just 3 weeks ago. I have a severed nerve in my finger tip of my right hand. I had surgery just under a week ago, so I am trying to reignite my motivation again.

I had really developed an interest in fitness and feeling good in May last year, that interest never went away, thank god, but I lost motivation after my first injury and It prevented me from doing alot of things, including going to the gym. So I thought to myself, why bother eating healthy if I can't go to the gym.
But that wasn't long taking it's toll on my body, and I gained over a stone in weight. So I signed up with Nathalie Lennon Fitness for a 12 week program to get my motivation in action again.
 But a week and a half into that, I hit another bump in the road.

But I have a different attitude this time around. The first 2 weeks, I ate all the food in sight as we had last week booked as a holiday, and I was feeling sorry for myself. This week however, it is back to light cardio, 3litres of water a day and healthy eating.

To reignite my motivation, this time around, I reminded myself that I had already gained all the weight I have lost over the last year and I cannot and will not allow myself to put on more.

3 Things to Do to Reignite your Motivation:

Be Patient
After an injury, you are not going to be as able as you were before the injury, start slowly and work back up. I have started with 3km walks with the dog. After my Doctor appointment this week, I am hoping to be able to start doing some body weight exercises next week.

Set Goals
Start with really small goals, on a daily basis e,g. Drink 3litres water today, get 5000 steps. I will have a goal setting blogpost up soon. But again, start small and build up. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Be Grateful
When you put things into perspective, you realise things might or could be worse. That's the main point that has gotten me back motivated this week.

Hopefully this post may have helped you feel like you have some tools to get your motivation back.
I'm still working on mine but slow and steady wins the race.

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