Friday, 31 August 2018

My Routine when Studying at Home!

I recently began a FETAC Level 6 Supervisory Management course which is an online course with The Open College. I am out of work for the foreseeable future due to an injury so I needed something to focus on and to motivate me to get up in the morning. This will also (hopefully) be beneficial in my future career as well.

So what do I do every day that works for me?

Get dressed and ready for the day as soon as I get up!
This may sound simple but I always find if I go to the kitchen to have breakfast in my PJs, I get lazy afterwards, but by being dressed, it entices me to get down to work as soon as I've finished eating.  Always comfy clothes - Tracksuit and a big hoody. Haha.

Make a plan for the day!
I do this while I'm having my breakfast, and write down any appointments I have, my To-Do list and times I am going to take breaks and lunches.

Open the windows and back door in my "office"!
As soon as I am dressed, I head down to my office and open the window and open the back door which is in the utility room. My office is beside the utility room. This lets fresh air into and circulate around the room. I also do this in every other room as well in the morning for a few hours.

Fill my water bottles and pop them in the fridge. 
Simple but effective.

Put my phone on silent and out of sight!
I've tried putting it on airplane mode, but I stress too much that someone may be looking for me. I don't have a routine for how often I check it. I probably should. haha.

Face mask, lip balm and hand cream by my desk!
A little bit of self care throughout the day.

Get up every 50 minutes!
I've a reminder on my FitBit at 10 to every hour, that if I haven't reached 250 steps, I have to get up and move. And if the weather is good, I will get my steps by running around the back garden. I may also do some squats and lunges, if I'm really feeling energetic.

Stick to the timetable of breaks and lunch!
If you start taking breaks too regular, you'll lose concentration and motivation.

Treat it as if you are at work!
If you're at work, you couldn't doss, so pretend you're in an office with your boss sitting beside you!

Tidy your desk area at the end of the day!
There's nothing worse than getting up the following day and finding your desk is a mess, it will set you up on the wrong foot. So do yourself a favour and just quickly make your desk tidy looking when you finish up. You'll thank yourself the next day!

They are what get me through the days when I am studying at home. Do you have anything that you do that helps you?

I've recently set up a new instagram page so I can post more study related posts - Instagram.

Orla X

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