Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Getting it Done!

Good Morning Lovelies!
I hope you all had a really nice weekend! I had 3 night shifts so I am slowly getting back to normal, even though I am back in again tonight for 2 more nights! 

If you follow me on instagram or if you've read some of my posts from last year, you will know I have and still am changing my lifestyle for the better! I've been changing my dietary intake and going to the gym for a solid 8 months now, while also doing two 8 week programmes with Nathalie Lennon! The main reason I started my first 8 week program was to loose weight! That was my goal! But not only did it change my body, it changed my mind also! I am not going to go into it too much as I will save that for another post!  

I've had numerous people on Instagram, Snapchat and in person ask me how I do it all! 
I'm not Wonder Woman by no means! Haha! But if I am determined enough to do something I'll do it! 
So just a little background about me! I am working full time as a HealthCare Assistant in the Intellectual Disability sector. I work on 4 week rotations, which includes 2 weeks of days and 2 weeks of nights! Throughout the 2 weeks, I work 7 12 hour shifts! And in September 2017 I went back to college in Waterford to study Social Care part-time! So as you can imagine life is pretty hectic as it is! But I wanted to get fit and I wanted to loose weight! Now, I'm not going to lie I didn't expect it to be as hard as it was!
As soon as Nathalie sent over my first program last May, I thought, "Ok, I got this"! I started planning out my days to the minute!!!! I had a little notebook and I had the exact times I
I was going to eat etc etc! This caused me a lot of stress to the sense I had severe pain in my shoulders! I was panicing I wouldn't be able to do it all! I felt like I needed to plan out my days exactly! I wasn't long learning that I couldn't live like that, I had to go with some bit of a flow! Yes, I did plan my weeks as different training days had different intake so I did need to plan that way! I wasn't the best with prepping my meals too far in advance! I would leave it until I got home at half 9 at night and start cooking for the following day! Again, I soon learned, I needed to be more organised! 

The first program in the summer, was only practice! haha! But I didn't do too bad on "Getting it all Done". So Come September was when the real struggle started! When I went back to college! I had fallen a little off the wagon with my diet and found it hard to  get motivated again after coming home from Las Vegas! But I had already decided at this stage I was doing another 8 week with Nathalie! This program was a step up from the one in the summer as I had more specific goals and I was no longer a beginner in the "weights area! of the gym! That was when people started asking questions on how I was managing and where did I find the time!
My first decision was to have my meals prepped for me! I chose to go with Clean Cut Meals! And honestly, it has been amazing! I am extremely lucky to be able to purchase the meals every week and I'm so mindful of the fact that everyone may not be as lucky! 
It saved me a lot of time, cooking, cleaning up and the big grocery shop! They deliver your meals to you on a Monday morning and they hold for 5 days! When I am on my long weekend of days/nights, I always freeze 6 of the meals! 

Having these meals allows me to spend more time with family, friends and Anthony! It takes away one less stress for me! I have been out of college 8 years, I've been working full time since I was 19, so that was a HUGE step for me! I am a big stress head! I stress about a lot of things! Actually I correct myself, I USED to be! I don't stress the small things anymore! So having all these assignments, and work and my program with Nathalie, and having a life, all overwhelmed me! So not having to plan and cook my meals 5 days a week has taken that stress away from me! 
All of my other snacks and breakfast, were straight forward and could be prepped in 15 minutes for 3 days worth! Again, I am very mindful and appreciative of how lucky I am to be able to purchase these every week!

So my first tip for "Getting It Done" is Meal Prep! And not just the actual cooking! Before you go do your shopping, Plan out what meals and snacks you're going to have! Because then you will only buy what you need!
If you have 2 hours to spare, prep your week's meals and freeze them! Take them out the night before! And do the same with your snacks! Tubberware will be your best friend! I keep my Clean cut Meals for my days where I am working because I know I can cook when I am off!

Tip 2! Buy a diary and do a simple plan of your week! Write down any appointments or plans you may have for certain days! It's good to know if some days are going to be busier than others so it motivates you to do the workout e.g. Wednesday instead of Thursday because Thursday's a busy day! 
Get Up and Go Diary: Easons Ireland, 2018 Diary: Dealz and Journal : Penneys
Tip 3! Before you go to bed, have an idea of what the following day involves! When I am on my first night shift, I get up about 8 am and go to the gym and normally do a leg session as I have a protein shake after and this satisfies me until dinner as i go back to bed at 12! I know this before I go to bed the night before! If I am off work, depending on what I have on, I decide whether I will do a day or night workout! I don't decide on a time, just give myself a rough idea! If you can, get your workout done early, as you have the whole day to yourself and it leaves no room for "I'm tired now, I'll go tomorrow' or "it's too cold"!
Top: My Protein, Leggings: Nike, Runners: Asics

Tip 4! Support from your family and friends! You need people in your life who tell you, you look great, well done on your hard work! People who are genuinely proud of you! Yes, you are doing this for you, but it's hard to stay motivated if you don't have the support of those around you! At the start my parents couldn't get their head around what I was doing but then they saw me changing, physically and mentally! When I met Nathalie back in November, I was so excited and I can't remember exactly how it came about or the exact words but in the car Mam said to me "She gave you a new hobby! Without her you wouldn't have changed the way you have"
Tip 5! Be proud of yourself and every little achievement! If you can't be proud of yourself then who can you be proud of! When you start seeing little changes in your body, in your mind, in your strength, it will motivated you to "Get it Done"! I am not going to use the phrase, "you gotta want it" because in my eyes, a lot of people want the physical changes but can't due to maybe mental health reasons, physical health reasons! It will be hard at the start but with a little hard work and determination, every day you go to the gym, or everyday you ditch the bar of chocolate, you will be more proud of yourself everyday!

Tip 6! Make Time for you outside of work, the gym, college or family life! Get your hair or nails done! Spend an hour in Penneys! Haha! Do something else that you enjoy! I Now, genuinely love going to the gym! It is my escape, from the college work and those stressful days at work! So sometimes for me, The gym is my me time! It has changed my outlook on life and made me a more positive and stronger person both physically and mentally!

 I could write for hours and hours but that would only get boring! I wanted change, so I made it work for me! You can make what you have work too! You don't have to join a gym! There are so many at home workout videos on Instagram and on Youtube! Change something in your diet! It's the simple things that make a difference! 1/2 hour workout in your sitting room at 10pm at night is "Getting it Done" and I can promise you, you will start feeling amazing! That's what motivates me most to get it done, is how I feel! I might be feeling sore and tired but it's the weeks after is when you realise those workouts are worth it! And I'm not just talking physically! My Mental Health has been the most important transformation, for me! 
You can make a positive change in your life and in those around You! 

Please feel free to email me or message me on instagram if you have any questions! Or if you have any other tips on how you "Get It Done", I would love to hear them! 

Sending Love, and Positivity your way! 

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