Friday, 1 September 2017

Let's get and stay Motivated

"Turn your mind into a positive place and tackle each task step by step"
Nathalie Lennon

How did I get motivated, and how you can too!
Step 1!
Create a goal!
My main goal was our trip to Las Vegas in September. I wanted to look and feel my best!
So what's your goal? Have you a wedding coming up, or a holiday?If you don't have one, make one.
Give yourself a date in 8 or 12 weeks time when you are going to buy a new outfit and go out for the night! Something as simple as that!

Step 2!
Make a change! NOW! No use waiting until tomorrow.
Start by going for a walk once a week, then increase the frequency and up the pace!
Take less milk and sugar in your tea and coffee. When you start seeing and feeling the changes in your body, that is what will keep you motivated but also drive it even more.

Step 3!
Surround yourself with likeminded people! Or encourage mam or sister or friend to go on the walk with you, not only are you motivating them, it is helping you to stay motivated because they are too.

Step 4!
Stop Thinking and just do it!
When I first messaged Nathalie, I knew i wanted to do something, but i didn't feel i had it in me! She sent me all the info etc and the details for payment, and without thinking, the payment was sent. There was no turning back.
Sometimes when we over think things, especially when we are more unsure than sure of something, we tend to list more cons than pros. If at first it feels right, then stop and proceed. No thinking in between.

What keeps me motivated?

Seeing my body change. Even if there's no change on the scales, when your pants is a little looser, that's the drive to keep on going.
The energy I have. I've never felt physically better. I'm sleeping better, especially when i am working nights. Because i am fueling my body with the right foods. It's so good, to feel full of energy and not to have that sluggish feeling constantly.
I give myself a pep talk every so often. Especially during the end of a workout. I remind myself of how great I will feel after it's done. The soreness of my body tomorrow, will remind me how hard i worked.
I read positivity quotes online and in books.
I reward myself. Not with Food!!!!! I take a trip to Penneys and pick up a new, outfit for my holidays. Trying on that outfit and looking in the mirror, and saying, wow. Look at how your body has changed. All that hard work is starting to pay off. I'm gonna start treating myself to a manicure every so often as well. Lifting those weights can take its toll on our hands. Haha.

Have you any tips on how you stay motivated? I'd love to hear them. I'm sure in a few weeks, i will have other things that will motivate me, but right now those are my tips.

Let's get Motivated together!

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