Thursday, 6 July 2017

Fit Bit Charge 2 | Review

I got a mad notion into my head a few weeks ago that wanted to buy into the hype and buy myself a FitBit, and Oh My God, was it the best decision I ever made!

With Working nights, I wasn't being as active as I should have been, so I wanted to see just how inactive I was being. Well this wasn't long changing, I am now getting in at least 8,000 steps when I am on the night shift. When I first bought it I was only getting in about 2,000.

So, why do I love it?

It really does motivate me! If I see by 7pm whether I am at work or not, that I still have a good few steps to get done before I reach my target of 10,000 then I will get myself moving, and ensure I have reached those 10,000 before bed time. And obviously, it is getting me to be more active. is

It gives me insights into my sleep pattern. So it tells you how many times you were restless, how many times you woke and how long it took you to go to sleep. Again, with working nights, I was finding it hard to get accurate sleep. Well, first of all, since I am being more active on the night shift, I am sleeping better and more during the day. But the FitBit is giving me an insight into my sleep. And since I started tracking, my sleep has improved so much.

It is so comfortable to wear. Even at night time. I never wear anything on my wrists for more than a few hours, so I was worried I would not use it as often, but I only take it off, to charge it and when I'm having a shower and to give it a quick clean.

That's why I love it so much, in a nut shell. So, more information on the watch itself!

On full charge it lasts for 4 days. And it will give you notification on your app when you need to charge it. And it only take 1-2 hours to fully charge. It comes as a USB charger, so I find it really handy as I can charge it when I am in the car, on the way to or from work, and tracking activity and sleep isn't affected.
On the home screen of the watch, it gives you the date and time, which I find amazing when I'm filling out paperwork etc. at work.
On the app, you log, your food and water intake, your weight, so I update that every week. You can set how many hours you want to be active every day, and if in those hours, you haven't got 250 steps in the hour, it will vibrate and let you know.
It notifies you if you get a text or phone call on your phone, so you don't have to keep checking your phone of its on silent or anything.
You can set an alarm to wake you or to remind you to do something. It will only gently vibrate, and it wont go off unless you turn it off.
Some simple pros:
  • You can buy them with different coloured straps, but you can also buy the straps separate afterwards.
  • Easy to keep clean and clean.
  • Comes in a large and small wrist band.
  • It gives you your heartrate at every time of the day, even when you're sleeping.
  • It recognises a workout, even if you don't log it on the watch. Yesterday it recognised cutting the grass as a workout!

It is mostly pros for me but there are some cons:

  • On the iPhone, you have to have the most recent ios update. This caused me fierce hassle, but after about 12 hours, we got there(I had to rope Anthony in to help, I was losing my patience)
  • It is not waterproof, so you cant wear it in the shower or swimming.
  • Whilst it tracks the calories you burned, it seems very high, so I need to do some research on this.
  • Whilst it is touchscreen, the screen is finicky, it's not your normal touchscreen and you need to apply more pressure. Take a while to get the hang of, but you do get the hang of it.
Overall I love it. I can't imagine going a day without it now. And you would be so surprised how many steps you put in, when walking around Penneys for an hour! Haha!

I will leave some links to where you can purchase it, but be sure to price around as prices can vary from place to place.
Happy Shopping and getting fit,
Orla :)

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