Friday, 14 April 2017

Why you MUST shave/wax 24 hours before Tanning

Hey Lovelies!
Hope your all having a lovely weekend so far!
Mine started yesterday evening when myself and my mam came down to our  Mobile Home in Ballybunion! The weather is shocking here at the moment so we're cosied up by the heater after a lovely day shopping in Tralee!

Before we left yesterday, I got a mad notion to put on some tan! Tan always makes us feel a little better doesn't it? But I made the mistake of forgetting I had just shaved my legs! So I decided, it was the perfect excuse to show you all why it says on tanning bottles to shave or wax 24 hours before tanning! I used the Bellamianta Tinted lotion, and I love it! So, this is not the tans fault, it is merely my own fault! The tan was absolutely perfect!

This was literally 20minutes after I applied the tan, and 1 hour after I had shaved! 

So why have my legs gone all bumpy? 
Because when you shave, you exfoliate the skin! Therefore you are opening your pores! So when you apply tan immediately after shaving, the pores haven't had a chance to close. 
And the tan then sinks into your pores creating those dots!

This lasted about 2-3 hours on my legs, but I still had little dark spots until I had a shower this morning, so you don't want this happening just before a night out or event!

Your best bet is to ensure you have shaved at least 24 hours. I have a full blogpost on Prepping for Tan! You can pop over there if you want to know anymore about I normally prep for tan! This was an exception.:L

Happy Tanning, 
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