Friday, 17 March 2017

Why I changed from Beauty Secrets!

Hey There Beautiful!
I wanted to fill you all in on why you are now reading and not orlasbeautysecrets!
Well basically I felt I had outgrown "Beauty Secrets". I was beginning to start posting a lot more non- beauty related posts including fashion, travel and lifestyle!
I thought about what I could change my blog name to, and nothing was jumping out at me, so I decided to go for my own name! When people used asked me my blog's website address, I hated saying "OrlasBeautySecrets". I felt that it wasn't me anymore!
So that is where came about!

While I was at it, I decided it was best to change the name of all my social media accounts, so they would all be connected and it would be easier for you all to find me! But this meant setting up a new Snapchat account as Snapchat don't allow you to change your username! So if you're not already, you can pop over to orla.hartnett and keep up to date with my daily antics!
By changing my blog name, it gives me free reign to blog about anything! I hated posting a lot of non-beauty related stuff as I felt that it wasn't what the blog was originally meant to be!

I also wanted to make my website more professional and more me! So I redesigned the whole thing! I had Anthony design me a new logo, I picked my colour scheme and it turned out exactly the way I planned it to be! It is so much better than my old one! The old one was unattractive and uninviting to you, my readers! So I hope that you also find the new design attractive and easy to read!
Let me know what you think?
I hope you are all enjoying the new and improved website!

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