Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Tips to stay Positive!

Hello Lovelies!
Hope you are all well!

Positivity is such a big thing recently! We're always hearing about suicides and depression! Having some positive vibes in your daily life is one step to being a happier person!

1. Read Positivity quotes.

I live by positivity quotes! I have them in my phone, on the walls at home and I have books of quotes. I may not read them everyday, but when I feel I need a little boost I go have a look on Pinterest or Google. Or I pick up my Little Penny's Book of Thoughts and I either go to the date or I just pick a random one! They always put a little smile on my face! If there's one quote that you love, get it printed and put it in a frame, and then you'll smile each time you pass it by!
I recently came across a page on Instagram called MoMe Cards! They are flash cards with mindfulness quotes on them! From what I can see, they look to be credit card sized. I need to order myself a pack of them!

2. Surround yourself with positive people.

Are you following or friends with people on social media who are always in bad form or always complaining about something? Delete them! This will impact on you. Maybe not immediately but overtime it could bring you down also!
Do you have a friend who is always negative? Avoid spending too much time with this person. Follow or make friends with someone who gives off a positive energy.

3. Change something that is bringing negativity into your life!
This could be changing careers or something as simple as switching over the TV channel! Your work consumes a lot of your time! If your work is bringing negativity to your life, then change something about it, if it's the job itself, get out of the job, if it's the area you work in, ask for a transfer! There is always a way out! There are plenty of jobs out there! In August 2015, I hit a wall in my job, and I wasn't happy, I handed in my notice, with no other job! I had a car, a house, and everything else to pay for! But I knew I had to do something! It worked out for me, so there's no reason why it can't work out for you!  Stop Worrying about things that haven't happened yet!
My motto is "You never know, until you try". And recently this is something I have really been living by!

4. Listen to Music.
Music always cheers me up and makes me happy! And when your happy, your automatically feeling positive! So throw on the tunes, and dance your heart out, and see how you feel afterwards!
5. My last tip to stay positive is LOOK AFTER YOU!
It's very easy to forget about looking after yourself! If like me, you always put others before yourself, take a step back and think for a minute! Join a yoga class, create some "me time", read a book, go for a walk,. But always, always put you first. And this is something I am still working on! I am going to do a post on how I try to look after myself mentally!

If you use at least 1 of these tips, you will feel better in yourself mentally and physically!
Hopefully some of my tips may help some of you out. If you have any tips on positivity, let me know, because I know we all have different ways on staying positive!
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