Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Lilac Knit

Sunglasses: Barbados from Aluxe, Shoes: Old Penneys Stock, Chain: Newbridge

Hey Lovelies!

Apologies this post is so late, I came off night duty this morning and slept for a few hours and then fell back to sleep this evening! I am off until Friday night so I tried to not get too much sleep today so I will (hopefully) sleep tonight! 
I shot this outfit with the Brid O Donovan in Cork on Saturday! 
The jumper and trousers are from Love Cherish in Charleville! Maeve was so kind to lend me the outfit to shoot and it just went perfectly for the day that was in it!
The coulottes are high waisted and super comfortable and best of all, they have pockets! And the Jumper was just the nicest jumper! Even though it is a knit, it is super light so will be perfect coming into the Summer Months!

I will be back on Thursday with another post! 
Chat to you then!

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