Monday, 20 February 2017

Bedroom Inspo

While I'm waiting on our bedroom to be finally finished, I'm going to show you, the inspiration behind it all! If you don't use Pinterest, you need to start using it! But beware, it will consume your life!
Once we had chosen our colours, I was trawling Pinterest every chance I got, so here's what caught my eye! 

The inspiration was clean and simple! White, can often come across as a cold colour but when put with the right colour, it can be so cosy! 
Now, I'm not looking forward to seeing handprints and just marks in general on it! 
I love the simplicity of the white and grey! I never thought I would prefer the simplicity in rooms, but now, I'm living the less is more! Our room is clutter free, and it's amazing! 

Stay tuned for the finished bedroom Blogpost! 

Happy pinteresting! 



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