Thursday, 22 December 2016

This Christmas Time!

As most of you know, we lost my dear grandmother at the beginning of this year. I'm not going to lie, its been a tough year, not going to visit her in the evenings, not seeing her smile! This isn't going to be sad post but more of a post to make us think!


You are all probably in the midst of the last of your Christmas Shopping, panicking and stressing on what to buy the people in her lives! That was me yesterday! I thought I had my shopping almost done until I went through what I had bought yesterday morning for people! I realised, or more so I felt I didn't have enough for people! So I thought what else am I going get my dad, my mam and my brother? I felt like what I had bought for them just wasn't enough! Why do we feel we have to spend a whole pile of money on people at Christmas? Is it not the thought more than the gift that counts?

And that's where I realised, me and my family are lucky to never have to go without! We have everything we need, and everything that we want! We are so damn lucky to never have to go without anything! And before you say "oh aren't ye lucky?", for as long as I can remember my Dad has worked 14/15 hour days 6/7 days a week so we wouldn't have to go without! And as I type this he has just passed my house with his usual beep of the lorry horn!
And me and my brother have gotten our work ethic from him. We work hard so we can have and enjoy the things we love in life.

So back to the point of the post!
Instead of me getting another present for each of them I am going to donate the money I would have used to buy those presents, to the Nursing Home where my grandmother passed away. They looked after her so well, almost as well as if she was their own family. This is our first Christmas without her so I think it is a nice way to remember her by! The Nursing Home she was looked after in, badly needs funds for their new extension. Because the building is so old, they are not up to HIQA standards so they need to refurbish and build a new building!

I am lucky enough to have a good job and be able to afford to buy presents for people but what good are presents if we don't need them or if we will never use them?
So I hope my little donation will go a long way to this Nursing Home!
I have told my family I am doing this and they are truly delighted as they also know there is no present that they need!

So if you are stuck for ideas on what to get your loved one, maybe consider making a donation to a charity that is close to their heart, and I can assure you, that they will be overjoyed at the thought you put into it, rather than a physical gift that was bought that they may never use!

Do let me know if you donate to a charity! And I thank you in advance if you do! The charity will be forever grateful no matter how small the donation!

Happy Christmas,
Love Orla

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