Monday, 6 March 2017

Top 5 Snapchatters

Snapchat has become the newest and biggest form of Social Media, especially for bloggers.
The reason I love it so much is you get to see the real person behind the blog or vlog. And the behind the scenes of what goes on in someones life.
So Today I have put together my Top 5 that I always watch first before anyone elses!

Erika Fox from Retroflame. Her username is retroflame1.
Erika is a typical Irish Girl from Kerry originally and has been living in New York for almost 2 years. She recently launched her Youtube channel and has began Vlogging her life in New York. She has also began blogging full time in New York. I have this little obsession with New York, I just love the city so much so it is amazing to be able to watch Erika's snapchats and see New York reality everyday. Her Style is just amazing, she can put together the most simpliest of clothes and make it look amazing! She is currently heading off on a 4 week trip so do pop over and give a her follow.

Ellen Kavanagh from Waxperts! Username: waxpertsellen.
Ellen is a hot Momma to little Cooper and the ultimate Girl Boss. Ellen is Co-owner of Waxperts Wax. I haven't gotten around to using any of the products yet so I can't comment on them. On Wednesdays Ellen does a series on Snapchat called "Waxing Wednesday" where you can send her in your waxing questions and she'll answer them for you. She has recently began working out also and gives you great cooking tips on how to cook healthy foods. Its the "Hi errrrrbody" from Cooper in the mornings that gets me smiling!

Pippa O Connor from Username: pippa.oconnor
Another Hot momma. Pippa recently gave birth to beautiful Louis and is mom to Ollie as well.
Its her Makeup Tips and fashion that keeps me coming back to watch Pippa's Snapchats. She has no problem coming on with no make-up, which I love to see as it shows her confidence and that we don't need to be wearing Make-up to look good. 

Marissa Carter from Cocoa Brown. Username: cartermarissa.
The ULTIMATE girl boss and another hot momma. Marissa is founder of the most amazing tan on the market Cocoa Brown and has just released another 4 new products over the last few days. (I'll post about them as soon as I get my hands on them). She does fantastic tanning and make-up tutorials and the odd cooking demo as well. She'll show you the behind the scenes of working on Xpose, in the Cocoa Brown office and her Masterclasses. 

Ciara O Doherty from Username: ciaraodoherty

Ciara is as down to Earth on snapchat as you get. You'll see her on the way home from the gym with a red face, just like the majority of people look when they do a good workout. Ciara is a fashion blogger but will also post makeup and beauty stuff to her snapchat. She is also a vlogger and has some awesome videos on her channel, her username on YouTube is Ciara O' Doherty 😀 

So there you have it, my top 5 Snapchatters!
Who are your favourite people to follow on snapchat?

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