Saturday, 31 October 2015

Don't Dream your Life, Live your Dream💖

Happy Saturday!
What plans have you all for the weekend? We have a little hill(small mountain) up behind our house and there's a ruined castle at the top so hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow so we can go and explore that! 

I've some exciting news to share with you this evening! 

I am the new Counter Manager for ArtDeco in Debenhams, Mahon Point, Cork! 
I'm beyond excited about the position. 
I know it was only recently I wrote a post on how I was going beauty therapy full time, well my heart has always been in makeup so when this opportunity arose, I had to grab it with both hands. 

I've had an amazing time working in Red Door, I've grown as a person, my confidence has grown and I am now going deeper into my dream and that's doing MakeUp full time. 

Do be sure to pop in and say hello to me if you are in Mahon Point at any stage. 
I trained with ArtDeco makeup while studying in Cork College of Commerce, and it's an amazing brand and I am honored to now be one of their team. 
You can expect a lot more makeup selfies and posts on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and here on the blog. 

I will also every now and then be holding events in ArtDeco, to launch new products etc and I will be posting these events on all of my social media so do follow me if your not already. 😀 

I'm so excited to start the next leg of my career journey, and even more excited to share it with you all on my social media 😀 

Have a great weekend everyone😀 

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