Monday, 6 July 2015

The Body Shop Threading Services

Hi everyone. I've really neglected my poor blog the last few weeks but things were hectic. I am back and ready for action on this dull and dreary Monday.

A few weeks ago I received an email inviting me to try out the new threading services at The Body Shop. So what is The Body Shop?
The Body Shop is a luxurious shop where you purchase skincare, haircare and makeup products. Not only for women but for men also. I have not tried any of their products yet, but hopefully I will soon.
They believe that true beauty comes from the heart. Their products are made with tender loving care and the ingredients are sourced worldwide. And best of all, they NEVER test their products on animals.

I have had HD brows done before and that includes a little bit of threading, and with my beauty background I knew what threading was. A lot of people have never heard of threading.

What is Threading?

Threading is fast becoming a very popular way of hair removal, similar to tweezing.It is an Asian method of hair removal. The hair is removed by wrapping a thread around the hairs and swiftly pulling them out.
Threading is a simple, inexpensive and an efficent way of removing unwanted hair with minimal skin irritation. Results can vary between clients but normally lasts up to 4 weeks.
Threading is perfect for people who have delicate or sensitive skin. It is mainly performed on the face, as it would take way to long to do anywhere else.

I got the tinting and threading done that day. I had to go up at least 24 hours before hand to be patch tested for the tint just to be sure I was not allergic to their tint. Thankfully I wasn't.

I made my appointment through email but you can book online which is extremely handy. Here is the link to book online.

My appointment was at 1pm and was running perfectly on schedule so there was no waiting around. They have the little area sectioned off just for these services so you have complete privacy.
I had such a busy day of rushing around I completely forgot my therapists name :(
She introduced herself to me and asked me to hop up on to the chair. I asked  her to take some photos for me to show you guys. She began by tinting my brows and left that to develop for 5 minutes.
She then began the threading. It's hard to describe what it felt like. Personally I found the top of the brow completely pain free. Underneath the brow, the feeling was weird. It wasn't painful but a weird sensation. I had told her that I wanted to keep the shape so just a tidy up. After 20 minutes in total, I was finished. With absolutely no redness, no after pain. You know that pain you sometimes get after waxing? Well there's none of that with threading.

So Threading at The Body Shop gets a thumbs up from me :)

Happy Monday everyone :)


Please Note- Photos are all my own taken on the day :)

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