Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Quality Time with my Goddaughter

Hi everyone.
If you follow me on snapchat- orla.hartnett, you will have seen all my snaps from my trip down the Waterford direction last week. My cousin and her family live down there. Her eldest daughter is my beautiful Goddaughter. She got her Holy Communion just last month. With work and life in general I don't get to spend a lot of quality time with her so I made it my business to spend a few days with her. I headed away on Wednesday afternoon. I had an appointment in Cork at 1 so after that I hit the road. I picked up some salad in The Rocket Man on Princes Street. It was my First time there so I was a little confused. The girl behind the counter was so friendly and helpful and gave me advice on what to choose. It was amazing, There was lettuce, sea salt, Cous Cous, chick peas, Garlic and mint sauce, pomegranate, to name a few of what was in it. I held onto it until I found somewhere nice to sit and eat. I then popped into Starbucks, next door and got a Caramel Coffee Jelly. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. I just sipped away on that til I got to eat my salad.

The weather was amazing, and I was in a great mood so I had the music hopping in the car and the windows down. Life was great :) And I couldn't wait to get down to Saorise. I stopped at Red Barn and had my lunch, it was so beautiful there, I wish I could have stayed longer. I then hopped back into the car and headed in for Youghal town, and sure me being me, loving beaches I stopped off and went for a quick walk. The tide was in so far I couldn't walk on the beach but managed to get a quick photo with some seaweed.
I spent the evening after that with my goddaughter in the swimming pool at her house and then headed for some McDonalds.
The day after I promised her we would go shopping. So I decided on Clonmel. She picked up a few bits for her holidays to Wales and she was happy out. We headed for home after lunch in McDonalds again, why do kids love McDonalds so much? I just don't get it. After dropping her home, I headed back to Mallow as I had some errands to run and get myself organised for my long weekend at work.
It reminded me that she is growing up so fast and I don't spend enough time with her, so I am going to try to see her more often:)
Here are some photos of the few days.

Hope you have a great Tuesday:)

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