Monday, 6 March 2017

Where I've Been!!!!

Hi everyone,
Happy Saturday. Hope your all getting up to something exciting for the weekend. I am in the middle of three 12 hour shifts so nothing too exciting for me.

I haven blogged in over 2 weeks. It wasn't intentional though.
With the weather being so good the last 2 weeks, we wanted to do so much with our house and garden we had no time to plan and just got stuck in. We painted the majority of the house and front walls, got new stone for the driveway- which was 18 tonne and which we shovelled and wheelbarrowed ourselves. A few of Ant's friends and my brother helped with that, without their help we would probably still be there. I did a good bit of gardening too. We basically just wanted to house to look nice. And we finally got there. Still one or 2 more bits to do but Rome wasn't built in day right?

I also had work in between all that which are 12 hour shifts. Tough but I love my job :)
I've been spending some quality time with family and friends too.
This week I've had my hands full as on my days off I had my Mum and Dad's Bichon as they were on Holidays. 2 Bichons together, especially when my little guy is still really only a puppy, are tough work. They are such active little things and just want ALL of your attention.

So I promise that I have some blogposts planned for the next few weeks, so stay tuned. :)

Have a great Saturday :)
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