Sunday, 3 May 2015

Why I began Blogging

This question has been asked to me a lot over the last few months since I began proper blogging.
I always had my Facebook and Instagram page where I would frequently post. My Facebook page was really a place for me to advertise Makeup appointments an nail appointments available. (I am a qualified Make-up Artist and Beauty Therapist also), but I wasn't enjoying posting on the pages as much as I wanted to be. After giving it a little (which really means a lot) of thought, I decided I would try my hand at blogging, and I am loving it. Not just this blog, but also micro blogging on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On these social media pages I share a lot of my day to day life from my Make-up Looks, my outfits, my food and just anything in general.

There's nothing I love more than opening my notebook and jotting down post ideas and then working from there. I'm sitting here in my new office (spare bedroom in my house) with my smelly candles lighting and I couldn't be more relaxed.

I love when I meet someone and they tell me "Oh I loved that post on blah blah" and a million other questions. I love to see that in some way or another that I inspire people.
My motto is "Beauty is not only Make-Up etc., it comes from the inside. That's the reason I called my blog "Beauty Secrets"
Another question I get asked a lot is "What is a blog?" Those of your reading this more or less know what a blog is but it got me thinking. I know what Blogging is but how do I explain it to others. You know the way you know what a word means but when it comes to explaining it, you just can't?
So I came up with explanation that's its my own online journalism website, where I share what I want to share with others, and hopefully inspire someone with one of my posts.

Beautifully yours,

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