Sunday, 3 May 2015

Which Eye Shape are you?

When I trained in Beauty Therapy, we were thought one way and one way only on how to apply Make-Up. But when I began my Make-Up Artistry Course, all that was thrown out the window.
As you all know, we all different eye shapes, Some are big, some are small and some are "Perfect". So obviously our Make-Up needs to be applied to suit our eye shape.
Here are some of the different types of eye shapes.

Almond Eyes:                                        
As you can see from the photo above, you can distinguish almond eyes by the outer corners that are tapered upwards.
How to apply Make-Up to Almond Eyes:
 Highlight brow bone and inner corner and Contour on brow bone.

Round Eyes:
There's no mistaking that these a round eyes. No explanation needed.
Make-Up on Round eyes:
Use an eyeliner flick to create length and use light colours on the lid.

Deep Set Eyes:

These are the shape eyes that I have and I find them very hard to apply makeup to. Your browbone is protruding over your eye, and the eyes are slightly sunken.
How to Apply Make-Up:
Apply light colour to the lid to make them pop and darker colours to the brow bone.

Hooded Eyes:
The eye is fleshy and the lid is hidden.
How to apply Make-Up:
This is the same as Deep Set Eyes. Apply the light colour on the lid and darker colour on brow bone.

There are so many other shape eyes that I haven covered in this post. If you want to know what eye shape your eyes are and how to work with them, please feel free to comment below.

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