Sunday, 24 May 2015

ITWBN Event at The G Hotel

Hi Everyone. I am so late getting around to doing this post but things have been hectic between work, my goddaughters communion and just so much more. But as the saying goes, "Better late than never"

So on the 10th May over 120 bloggers gathered at The G Hotel in Galway city at an event called ITWBN. ITWBN stands for "Into the West Blogger Network". ITWBN is a place for all kinds of bloggers from home and abroad, not just the West of Ireland, to network with each other.
It is so nice to sit and chat with another blogger that understands the ins and outs of blogging.

Sinead Caroll over at Yummy Mummy Blog and Saibh Egan are the ladies who set up ITWBN.
They set it up as there was no place in Ireland for bloggers to reach out to each other, to ask questions or to find support.
There are occasional #itwbnbloggerevents happening throughout the year. I got the pleasure of attending my 1st event on the 10th May 2015. And to nake it even more special, ITWBN were celebrating their 1st Birthday.
At these events, there are 3-4 speakers. We had 4 sensational speakers who spoke to us.

First up was Sinead Burke of Minniemelange. She is an ISPCC Sheild ambassador, a blogger, a teacher, a broadcaster, and a public speaker to name but a few.
Top tips from Sinead:
Be authentic and transparent
Be true to yourself
Believe in yourself
Don't feed the trolls

These tips are so vital when it comes to Blogging. Thank You Sinead :)

Second up is Dee from Castle Print. Castle Print did my Business cards, I will have a blogpost up on that soon.
Dee's Top Tips:
Get it right @ the beginning
Graphic Design is money well spent
Tag line

Once again all these tips are so important when it comes to blogging.

Third up was Wayne Denner. Wayne is a speaker, author and expert on Online Reputation and Wellbeing.
Some Interesting facts I learned from Wayne:
750 Million snapchats sent daily
94% of clicked searches are organic
20 Years to build a reputation, 5 minutes to ruin it.

Top tips from Wayne:
Don't take it personally
Secure social Media properties
Keep engaged
Own your Search Engine
Have a Plan.

Last but not least was Karen from Karora Cosmetics. Karen is Co-founder of Karora Cosmetics.
Karen began with nothing and now has a company that has gone Global. She thought us bloggers, that a dream or an image in your head can come to life. She was such an inspiration and made me want to work harder than ever at this blog.

That concludes the speakers. There was also exhibitors and stands there. You can chat away to them and learn more about their brand and products. It was so busy there that I didn't get to have a proper chat with any of the exhibitors, but definitely next time.
A huge thank you to Sinead and Saibh for organising such an amazing event. I am looking forward to September's event already. It was so lovely to meet everyone and can't wait to meet more new bloggers at the next event.
Sinead Burke, Wayne Denner and Karen Browne
Clockwise from Top Left: Mise, Eimear from The Two Darlings, and myself, Me with Kate from Pure Irish Sugar and finally one of the main Women - Sinead Caroll :)
Rocky having a nose in our goody Bag and the amazing contents of the Bag.

Some amazing Confectionary by The G Hotel

I will be back very soon with another post :) I have a long list to get through.
Chat soon Guys,

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