Friday, 24 April 2015

Planning a Surprise Baby Shower

Last weekend I had organised a surprise baby Shower for my best friend who is due her little one 3 weeks today. We've known quite awhile that it was a girl so I knew I was going to have pink everything.
First step was to get her partner in on the secret, success. Next was the guest list, and to invite people. I tried to keep it low key as I didn't want to send her into early labour. 
I only really started the organising 2 weeks before. I knew once I had the date and people invited, that was the important part. I started picking up a few bits as the weeks went on, I find this very handy as when the time comes you don't have to spend a lump sum on party stuff. 

Believe it or not I found it very hard to get 
"Baby Shower" props. I ended up having to buy Baby Girl banners. 
A few days before the Shower, I sent a reminder to people about it. Unfortunately majority of people could not make it due to other commitments so I had to reassess the whole thing. 
In the end I had to tell Zoe that we were having a girlie night with takeaway. She knew nothing about all the pink.. 
In the morning I headed to town and picked up another few bits, pink sweets, pink balloons, and a table cloth. 
I began baking the cake when I got home straight away as I knew it would need to cool before the icing went on. 
Bare in mind his was my first time properly baking a cake. But it was a success. Everyone enjoyed it. 

I spent the weeks prior to the shower trapsing over boards on Pinterest. If your planning a party of some sort then Pinterest will be your best friend. 

We all had a great night, I threw on some pizzas and chips. It was a really low key, chilled girlie evening. 
If you guys want the receipe for he cake, just let me know. 

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