Monday, 6 April 2015

Lusting over in March

What I Lust over in March

I cannot believe it is April already. The year is just flying. I hope you all had a really nice Easter Sunday. I spent mine with my bestie and her 2 girls, in and around Mallow Castle at the Food & Craft Fair. It was a really nice day too so the day was a great one overall.
Sweet Potato Chips
I definitely choose these over normal potato chips any day. I really think more restaurants need to start putting these on their menu. I've even had mashed sweet potato and really enjoyed it. The beauty with these is you can flavour how you like. I use coconut oil, chilli powder and garlic powder. I also do mine in the oven. Your defeating the purpose of having them if you fry them in the chip pan.
Blue Shoes
I got my blue shoes on! I am still in love with the blue shoes I wore to the confirmation, you can find that post here. I am only waiting for somewhere to where them to again. I also debating whether or not to pick them up in other colours. A girl can never have enough shoes right?
I was never a huge fruit person, but since starting my fitness programme I have become obsessed with Oranges. I am currently snacking on one. There's something so fresh about them. I Don't like fresh orange juice though. I hate the bits as your drinking it. They are fantastic for getting in your Vitamin C and also fiber.

Nima Mitt
Since I have started using the Nima mitt, you can find a full review here, my skin has improved dramatically. I've had numerous people ask me what make up I am wearing although I wasn't wearing any. I've never had super soft smooth skin, but this has improved it so much. I still use my No.7 Day and night Moisturisers.

Grey's Anatomy
Since Sky Living haven't started the new season of Chicago Fire yet, I have had to find something new to watch. I used watch Grey's Anatomy here and there but never got into it, but this time around I have, and I am loving it. I look forward to Wednesdays for that reason.

I didn't try any new products in March so I don't have any product favourites but hopefully April will be a more exciting Month for Favourites.


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