Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mother's Day Pressies

Hi Everyone!

If like me, you have an amazing Mum and want to spoil her this Mother's Day, Then keep reading.

Personally, I think a card is the most important thing. A card is so personal. You can say so much in just one card. A card doesn't have to be expensive. It's what you write in it will mean the world to your Mother. Reading the precious words you have written will mean more than any expensive gift you have bought her.

There are so many gifts you can buy her, depending on her likes and dislikes.
First on the list is Flowers. I don't know any woman who doesn't like flowers.

These amazing flowers are from Lidl. They look fabulous.
If you would like to spend a little more on flowers and completely surprise her and get them delivered, then Park West Flowers in Mallow town are your go to Florists
I love the little basket one!
If your Mum likes jewellery or maybe already has a Pandora Charm Bracelet, then here are some ideas for this Mother's Day.
These can be found Here
If your Mother is someone who doesn't like physical gifts, then take her out for a meal or cook her a meal. There are so many gifts you can buy your Mam, but every mother is different.
Gifts don't have to be expensive.
If it comes from the heart then it's more expensive than any gift you could buy her.
Get her something that says "Thank you for being you Mum. I Love You"
Hope this post helped a little, even if it only inspired you to just say "I Love You Mam"

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