Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hi Everyone.
I posted a picture of a canvas last week that was a DIY project, I saw on Pinterest. So I just had to give it a go. I asked you guys on my Facebook page where I could get these small canvases cheap enough and the Euro 2 shop came up. So I popped into my local shop during the week.
I picked one up for only €2. I'm sorry I didn't get a few more. Next I went on the hunt for letters. But to no avail. In every shop I tried I could only find numbers. No shop had the alphabet in 3D letters.
So I had to get creative. And out of the corner of my eye I spotted a packet of clay. It was only €3.49 so I said it try my hand at making my own letters.
My boyfriend had black spray paint at home already, so that was another item ticked off my list. So all that was left was glue and some glitter. I headed to my local "Pound Shop" which is called "The Mart" and picked up some craft glue which was €3.50. I searched for some gold glitter but could only find teeny tiny tubes of it and at a cost of €4. So I had to get thinking again.
Just before Christmas, we took a trip to IKEA. My Christmas theme at home was red and gold, so I picked up a tub of red and a tub of gold crushed glass. I never actually used them so I fished through my boxes of Christmas decorations(which have not gone into the attic yet) and found it:)

So I began getting creative. I first put lines of masking tape on the canvas and then sprayed it with the spray paint. While that was drying I began making the letters. I used a ruler to measure and get the straight lines. As soon as I had them made I popped them in the oven for a few minutes.
I then painted them with the glue and sprinkled the glitter/glass over them. I left to dry for a few days. (Just because I was working, and didn't have time to finish them)
I then glued them to the canvas, and left to sit for another day.

As soon as I have a few more bits for the salon, I'll hang everything together and do another video. Here are some more pictures of my work of art :)

Happy Sunday!

Creatively Yours,

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