Monday, 6 March 2017

London Day 3!

Welcome back to London day 3.

I'm officially out of energy. We walked ALL day today. We got up and had breakfast in the hotel again this morning, and headed off out. Our plan for today was to head up to Camden. I've heard so much about this place. It's just one big Market. They have so much there from freshly squeezed orange juice in the smallest of cartons, to homemade jewelry. I didn't buy much but picked up a couple of bits. We didn't plan on staying long there but we didn't know how much there was to do there.  

We got the tube back from Camden and we decided to go have an hour rest, which did us the world of good. But because of that we didn't get to do the River Cruise. It was freezing anyway. It's currently 12.30am and we are just back in the hotel room.

As most of you know my better half is an awesome photographer and we wanted some day and night shots of the London Eye and Big Ben, so about 4ish we headed down to that area. After that we planned on going to London Dungeon but it was booked out. I wasn't too disappointed but Anthony was. Whoops. Haha. 

By this time we were hungry so headed back up towards Tafalgar Sqaure and ventured off one of the streets. Everywhere was full, but we eventually got into Pizza Hut. The most amazing Pizza I've ever had. We got a meat sharing starter which had way too much for us. And a sharing pizza, and chips. Needless to say we left the chips behind. 
We were so full we didn't even have room for dessert. So off down to the London Eye we headed again. I can't wait to I show you some of Anthony's photos. We worked our way over to the other side again beside Big Ben.

We had enough of tubes that day so we took our time heading back to the hotel. Went up some side streets to get some unique photos and before we knew it it was half 11 and we were back at the hotel. We went to the hotel bar and a drink, just to wind down. It is a Small but really nice bar.
So that's it for today, tomorrow is home day. Our flight isn't until late so we'll see what the plan is for tomorrow. 

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