Monday, 6 March 2017

London Day 2!

Welcome back to day 2 :)

I am exhausted. We were up about 8ish this morning. Headed for brekkie in the hotel which was £12 for a buffet breakfast. It was fantastic. We'll definitely be heading there the next 2 mornings anyway. 

After that we headed on down to Buckingham Palace to see the Changing of the Guards Parade at about 11. I was more excited than I expected to be about seeing the whole Palace thing. I am a little obsessed with Kate Middleton. Not 100% sure why but there's something about her that you have to love. 

It was absolutely packed down there so we didn't get close at all, but we saw the parade and the palace so I'm happy out :) 
We decided to get the Hop on,Hop off bus tour. It's so handy because it takes you to all the sites and is valid for 48 hours. We got these in New York, Edinburgh and Paris too. They are the best ways to see the city. 
We stayed on for ages and got off at the stop for Hamleys toy shop. We also knew
Choccywoccydoodah was near here too, and we found it. Nowhere near as exciting as I expected it to be. We picked up some cool things there so I'll include them in my shopping haul.

Oh and a word of warning, make sure you have the new money. My dad gave me some pounds he had saved at home but apparently they are no longer in circulation so hoping a bank will give me new ones instead. Fingers crossed. 

After that we became the real tourists and headed to London Eye area. We went in the the aquarium first, to be honest I expected more, but I was amazed by the Penguins. They are a amazing creature. I want one :) 

After queuing for 45 minutes for the London Eye, we finally boarded our pod. There is about 20 people in one but you have loads of room to move around to get photos. We went up at night, and it was cool to see the whole city lit up.


When you get to london first, buy an Oyster Card. Use the top up one. We out £20 on ours and it has done us on a couple of trips and we still have about £10 left, and you can use it on buses too. The tube is the only way to get around the city. There is so much walking. 

We went for dinner in Trafalger Square, in a restaurant called "Little Frankie's" or something similar, it's right on the corner of Trafalgar Square, but I'd highly recommend it. We got 2 huge main courses, 2 minerals, and 2 deserts for £47. We then strolled away back to the hotel, not rushing so we could find little nooks, and low and behold we found fabulous little streets with cobblestone roads and theaters. I'll find out the name of the street for ye. Before we knew it we were back at the hotel. 

Another busy day planned for tomorrow. We're gonna head to Camden. And then do the River Cruise. 

Hope ye are enjoying the posts :)
Night guys.


P.S. All photos are my own, unless otherwise stated
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