Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pamper Night Bag

Hi guys. I'm a little late once again with this one. Our internet was out due to the bad weather so I couldn't even log on on my phone as the 3G was also really bad.

So basically, once maybe twice a week, I have a pamper night where my whole body gets a once over on the one night. I would always moisturise when I come out of the shower or bath and I will always do my facial skincare every night.

I use the Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body wash which I featured in my last blog  which you can read here. I will also use the Sugar scrub as well as the body wash to exfoliate the areas that need it


 When I come out of the shower I apply "Butter Yourself " Body Lotion. It's amazing for the driest of skins especially the elbows, knees and ankles.

When I'm feeling really pale or just needing a pick me up I'll apply Cocoa Brown's Gentle bronze. I will do a before and after of this product soon. It gives such a nice glow but doesn't feel as if you've loads of tan on. It's basically a tinted moisturiser for your body.

So that would be my body care pamper. Onto my Facial Skincare. I would only do a mask and exfoliation once or twice a week depending on how my skin is. Everything else I would do every night as a routine.

First I'd remove my eye make up. I only bought this at the weekend and I absolutely love it. You need so little of the product its amazing. It does need a good shake before use as the oil sits on the bottom of the bottle.

Next I use the No.7 Cleansing lotion. You don't need water with this so I like to massage the lotion into my skin first, dampen some cotton pads and then wipe off. You can also just use dry cotton pads, its a personal preference :)

I got this Skin Truth Facial Refining Polish in Sally Salon shop. It has tiny little beads in it which get rid of that extra make up and dead skin.

I then apply this Super hydrating Mask also from No.7. Some nights when my skin needs that extra TLC I will also use this to clean my skin (not with a full face of make up ) and then reapply it as a mask. If you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin like me, this is the mask for you.

I've been using this Dark Circle Illuninater for awhile and it definitely works. I do suffer from those horrible black circles under your eyes, for me a lot of it is not enough water which I'm working on.

I'll then apply the Night Cream for Dry Skin. It's got a lovely scent, that's relaxing and calming.

 I've been using this product for quite some time. I stopped using it for a few months but started using it again the last few weeks. Its the HD Grow Baby Grow. It does actually work. I'm trying to thicken my brows and they are coming along nicely. You just apply it to the brows twice a day. Definitely one to try. It is a bit pricey at about €40 but it does last awhile.

So there it is guys, my Pamper Night Bag :)

Beautifully Yours,


I am not affiliated with any brands, I purchase these products myself and give my honest opinion.
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