Saturday, 15 June 2013

School of Make Up Artistry

Blog number 2, finally getting around to it.

I want to give you a little information on an amazing college all to do with Make Up. As most of you know already, I studied Beauty Therapy in the Cork College of Commerce, also highly recommend it, especially for Part time courses. After qualifying in Beauty Therapy, I wanted to specialise in something, so after thinking about it, I decided it was Make Up, I wanted to do.

I spent hours and days searching the internet to find what I was looking for and after awhile, I did.
The school of Make Up Artistry is based just outside Galway city on the Limerick side. So after considering everything from the price of the course to the school and the Distance. After spending a few days looking at the website, I said I would e-mail them to get some more information. I was looking for a part time course as I am working full time. So I arranged to meet with the School Manager, Katie. She was so pleasant when I first met her, I knew straight away I was going to chose this school. She introduced herself and then sat me down and went through all of their courses with me. They have Introductory to Make Up, International Diplomas, Classes on Smokey eyes etc. Nail courses, every type of Make up Course you could think of. The school itself is amazing. Its based on the 1st floor of the building, with half of the walls Windows:) Its fabulous. Especially when the weather is nice.
Katie gave me a brochure with all the information. So after thinking about it, I sent off my application and got accepted:) I was over the moon. Katie and I agreed on a payment plan to suit me which was amazing, that I didn't have to pay up front. 
The fee you pay includes your uniform, a M.A.C make up kit worth €300, a textbook and all your notes. 75%  of the course is practical work, so you really get to perfect your work. Each week you work on a different type of make up for example, bridal make up, mother of the bride, evening make up and era make up to name but a few.

If your considering a career in Make up, consider this school. Even though I'm travelling from the Cork area, Its roughly 2 hours drive from me, and its every 2nd Saturday, but you can choose Saturday, Sunday or Monday. They also run a full time course during the summer months. I am so glad I chose this school, its so worth the drive. There's also a hotel straight across the road from the School. And plenty of B&B's close by.
Here's the link to their website, Please feel free to ask me any questions or E-mail Katie, the School Manager.
Hope you enjoyed:)
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