Friday, 28 June 2013

M.A.C Foundation

M.A.C Foundation
When it comes to make up, the base is the most important. Once your base is good, the rest just follows. First, be sure to have a good cleansing routine. Cleanse, tone and moisturise, twice daily. Exfoliate once a week. This all helps when it comes to having flawless make up.
                 Start your make up application with your cleansing routine. Once your moisturiser has dried a little, you start on getting your skin flawless. A primer is a definite must have, especially if you want your make up to last all day long, or all night. The primer I use personally is M.A.C's Prep and Prime. Just a brief note on primers: It evens out your skin tone, some moisturise your skin too, it keeps oil at bay and they fill in fine lines while providing a smooth canvas for your foundation to stick to. You then get onto the Foundation. There are so many different foundations out there, so be sure to pick one that suits your skin tone and skin type. You can apply your foundation in many ways, flat foundation brush, sponge, your fingers or a stiple brush to name but a few.
                 Onto the foundation I've chosen for today's review. IT is M.A.C. Studio fix fluid SPF 15. My personal favourite is the Studio Fix Fluid. Its a pump bottle, which is so handy and saves so much product. I use NW20 which is warm tone colour. It definitely has full coverage, although, if like me, you suffer from those horrible dark circles you will need a little concealor. Not much though. I use M.A.C pro long wear concealor NW15 for those areas. The foundation has a matte finish look to it. It has SPF 15 built in which is super as even on dull days our skin is affected by harmful rays from the sun.
It feels amazing on the skin. It also lasts for at least 8 hours, and after that you only need a powder touch up. It applies very smoothly, and coverage is built quickly and efficiently.
It has micronized pigments to minimise imperfections. I have dry/dehydrated skin, and I find this amazing on my skin.
It has soft focus powders combined in the foundations which also helps to minimise imperfections.
I would give this foundation 8/10, I love it:)
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